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Blackboard Research Writing Terms and Conditions

Blackboard Research Writing is an online platform that facilitates the research and development of various academic and research papers for clients across the globe. We provide quality professional writing services

Please take a minute to carefully read the following terms and conditions of service that were effected to promote a cordial and transparent professional relationship between the client and ourselves.

Kindly note that for these terms and conditions to apply, the agreeing party(s) must be of legally enforceable age, 18 years of age, or a different age, depending on the jurisdiction. If you are not of legal age, kindly get a parent or legal guardian to review and accept the terms and conditions on your behalf.

By clicking the “Order Now” button or duly-filling the order form, you explicitly indicate that you are a legal adult, accept these terms and conditions on either your behalf or as a legal proxy for an underage individual. If you do not agree to the stipulated terms and conditions, or you are underage, kindly cease from placing an order.

Section 1: Glossary of Terms

The Client/ You: This refers to an individual of legally enforceable age, or the legal guardian of an underage person, who makes an order on our platform.

The business/We/Us: This term refers to Blackboard Research Writing, a platform that provides quality professional writing services.

The order/ Service/ Product: This refers to any required document and is paid for by the client.

Section 2. Provision of Services.

The personal information collected or required from the client is further detailed in our Privacy Policy. This is the information required to complete our order successfully and differs on a case-by-case basis. Our customer support personnel may initiate communication with the client on the expert’s behest assigned a particular task.

The order net payable is generated automatically based on various factors, including the urgency of delivery, the length of the paper, the service required, the academic level of work, and finally, the application of any promotional discount coupons.

The order deadline begins only upon successful remittance of payment for the task and confirmation of the same on our end. This is assuming that all pertinent information for the ordered document has been provided at this point in time. The client is required to provide any personal information, order guidelines, and any other information that cannot be freely sourced online. Once the order is finalized, it will be sent via the provided email address. It falls upon the client to practice due diligence and check their email inbox and spam folders for correspondence from our team.

Section C: Revisions

Once your order is completed and delivered to the provided email address, you will be given adequate time to review the work and determine whether it is at par with the instructions provided. If you are unsatisfied with the product, you have the right to demand a free revision contingent on providing clear and significant reasons.

We recommend that you clearly indicate what aspects of the delivered work you would need changes to be implemented via the revision. Kindly note that we extend a grace period of 30-days since the date of order delivery to utilize this provision and claim a free revision, which must be congruent with the instructions provided when the order was being initially placed, or any additional information shared before completion and delivery of the order.

Please note that any revision requests that do not conform with the initial instructions issued are subject to a discretionary writing and/or editing fee to be determined contextually.

Section D: The Client’s Right to Reject Work and Refunds

If you are not satisfied with the delivered work, we do recommend that you request a revision with clear indications of where we may improve the document. Depending on the magnitude of the requested changes, we can overhaul the delivered work to ensure that we meet your specific needs.

However, we do understand that in select cases, revisions may no longer be possible and/or requested. Such instances may include: the deadline of delivery is due/nearly due, and there is insufficient time for revisions; you are still unsatisfied with the delivered work after corrections were implemented; you have lost faith in us to provide work that meets your specific needs, or any other number of reasonably contextual cases. In such instances, you – as the client – do reserve the right to reject the delivered work and request a refund.

This rejection and request for a refund can be implemented simply by sending us an email to that effect, or requesting a live-chat session via the website plugin and indicating as much to the responding customer support agent. Please note that we maintain the right to honor the refund at our discretion if such a request has been made in good faith, and the reasons for the request are fair and reasonable. Kindly allow us 12-48 hours for the customer support desk to relay your request to our administrators and the refund to be reviewed and executed.

Kindly note that we also reserve the right to deny and/or contest the refund request if:

  1. The client’s request for a refund stems from factors beyond the control of our organization. For instance, an organization failing to recruit our client after we developed an application letter per their instructions does not merit the client demanding a refund. Additionally, the client’s failure to check their email for delivery (including the spam folder) does not merit a refund.
  2. The refund request stems from the failure to meet instructions that were never issued and/or were issued obscurely. Kindly note that it is the onus of the client to relay any instructions or requirements of the work clearly to ensure that we align as closely to their vision as possible.
  3. The refund stems from bad-faith arguments, meaning that the conditions of the refund can be factually and irrefutably disproven, but the client continues to adhere to them.
  4. The refund request stems from the client’s inaction and/or erroneous actions. For example, the client makes changes after the fact that adversely impact the quality of the delivered document.
  5. A reasonable time period has elapsed since the delivery of the service.
  6. The client communicates that they no longer need the document(s) under the disputed order after they were duly delivered.
  7. Any other circumstances that can be deemed unreasonable, unfair, or exploitative when conducting business in good faith.

Finally, kindly note that once a refund has been successfully issued to the client, the ownership of the delivered work reasonably reverts to Panoply Research Bureau. Therefore, anonymized versions of the work can be used at the discretion of the company for instances such as internal training and demonstrations, shared as samples, search engine optimization, or any other contexts approved by administrators of the company.

Thank you for using our services!

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