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Disseminating capstone project findings is an indispensable element of the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program. At Blackboard Research Writing, we offer our DNP poster presentation writing service to support the dissemination of your capstone project findings. Our nursing PPT writers understand the guidelines for effectively creating a nursing APA tri-fold scholarly poster. At our research writing agency, we understand that a professionally developed poster should have a logical format and be aesthetically pleasing.

Order our capstone academic poster help now and get a professionally developed visual representation of your DNP capstone project findings. This post contains a summative discussion of the principles our PPT writers adhere to when preparing your scholarly presentation poster.

DNP Scholarly Poster Presentations

Upon completing a DNP scholarly project that ideally demonstrates your ability to synthesize nursing theory and literature into practice, disseminating the findings to the healthcare community and other scientific groups is critical. Disseminating nursing knowledge bolsters the advancement of the nursing profession, making scholarly poster presentation an invaluable tool for communicating your quality or process improvement findings. Scholarly nursing poster presentations offer a pictorial or visual version of the in-depth writing in a DNP capstone project.

Developing effective PowerPoint presentations to propagate your knowledge could be daunting. At Blackboard Research Writing, our PowerPoint presentation writers can make a nursing APA tri-fold scholarly poster that underpins your public speaking skills and expertise on the topic of focus. Professionally developed PowerPoint presentations are valuable but developing the posters can be a challenging endeavor.

Do not let a lack of experience developing scholarly poster presentations hinder you from sharing your knowledge that could potentially help solve practice-related problems. Contact our readily available customer service support and let them know how we can help. Our DNP poster presentation writing service is affordable and based on the value-for-money concept.  

Essential Sections of a Successful DNP Presentation Poster

Our scholarly writers understand that DNP tri-fold poster presentations are among the established modes of disseminating academic or scientific research. When developing your scholarly, academic, or scientific poster, we ensure it is an informative and compelling visual presentation of your findings. The essential sections we include in a quality improvement APA trifold nursing poster presentation are the title, author’s bio (if required), introduction, statement of purpose, significance, conceptual framework, methods, findings, discussion, limitations, conclusion, and implications for nursing practice.

Posters on original research generally include (1) background information; (2) purpose; (3) research objectives/questions/hypotheses; (4) methods (design, sample, instruments, and data collection procedures); (5) results; (6) limitations; (7) conclusions; (8) implications; (9) recommendations for future research. Refer to the sample nursing poster presentation below.

Our nursing presentation writers generally use Microsoft PowerPoint when developing your document. In the title banner, we ensure to include your (a) capstone project’s title, (b) name, and (c) school of affiliation. When writing the sections mentioned above, we ensure that the content is concise and clear. Order our DNP poster presentation writing service and get a nursing APA tri-fold scholarly poster that supports your ability to share your capstone project results.

Nursing Scholarly Project Poster Presentation

We develop an effective nursing poster presentation by ensuring that it fulfills the 5Cs:

1. Compliant: Before selecting a nursing poster presentation template, our research writers begin by reading the institution’s or conference’s poster guidelines (if applicable). Normally, the guidelines will include the acceptable dimensions, font size, and color. We strive to comply with the poster presentation guidelines to ensure that all the criteria are fulfilled.1

2. Catchy: Our scientific and scholarly poster presentation writers creatively develop your dissemination tool. We ensure that the poster is developed using visually appealing colors, texture, and context to capture the targeted audience’s attention. After capturing the audience’s attention, it is essential to maintain it; thus, we ensure that the poster’s content is in bullet point form and succinct. 1

3. Concise: When creating the scientific poster presentation, we only include the key-points from your DNP capstone project. All ideas are presented in bullet points, encouraging the targeted audience to read your presentation. We ensure to include simple, clear, and easy to comprehend pictures in your poster presentation. After all, a picture is worth 1,000 words.1

4. Clear: Our nursing APA nursing poster writers understand that it is indispensable for the content to be written and presented logically. One core factor that we consider is culture. For instance, people from Western cultures read from top to bottom and left-right; thus, we ensure that the content layout is concordant with the practice. If you procure our poster presentation writing service, we assure you that the content, graphs, and pictures are legible. We do not use too many colors and risk overwhelming the reader.1 Refer to our APA trifold scholarly nursing poster presentation sample.

5. Clutter-free: We ensure that your poster presentation is clutter-free by meticulously considering the amount of text, font size, and font type used. Our poster presentation writers effectively utilize the white space, select legible fonts, bold all titles to differentiate them from the body text, use consistent font sizes and types, and appropriately reference the content.1

APA Trifold Scholarly Nursing Poster Presentation Sample  

APA trifold scholarly nursing poster presentation sample.

Our DNP Poster Presentation Writing Service Guarantees

1. The title will be concise.
2. We will not include complicated figures.
3. Your nursing poster presentation will contain adequate and relevant information under each heading.
4. The nursing poster presentation will be aesthetically appealing.
5. We will not use long sentences with complicated syntax and unexplained acronyms.


1. Moyo, M. (2019). The 5 Cs for developing an effective poster presentation. Journal of Radiology Nursing, 38(2019), 210-212. doi:10.1016/j.jradnu.2019.05.015

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