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DNP Annotated Bibliography Assignment Writing Service and Help in APA

Get DNP annotated bibliography assignment from competent nursing writers who understand that: An annotated bibliography provides a succinct overview of the current research on a specific subject matter. It serves as a comprehensive catalogue of research materials comprising a citation for each source and an annotation – a concise paragraph summarising and evaluating the source. An annotated bibliography can be executed as a standalone task or a constituent of a more significant academic assignment. If you need help with your APA annotated bibliography assignment, our nursing writers can help.

Two Major Types of DNP Annotated Bibliography

Our DNP Annotated Bibliography Assignment writers understand that there are two types of annotated bibliography, namely:

Summary Annotation: A summary annotation provides a brief overview of the source by addressing the following content: Who wrote the document, what it discusses, when and where it was written, why it was generated, and how it was made available to the public.


Evaluative Annotation: In addition to the overview provided on summary annotation, an evaluation annotation is written to assess the source critically for quality, accuracy, and relevance. Developing a thesis statement, choosing whether a particular source will be helpful for your assignment, deciding whether there is enough reliable information accessible to complete your research, and learning more about your topic can all be aided by evaluative annotations. Description and appraisal are the main points in an evaluation annotation.

The Steps We Follow When Writing a DNP Annotated Bibliography Assignment in APA

1. Use the APA style to cite the source.
Identify the target audience and briefly summarize the primary points, arguments, topics, theses, or methods.
3. Describe the author’s experience, viewpoint, and any biases they may have.
4. Compare to additional sources on a similar subject that we have also listed in the annotated bibliography to demonstrate parallels and differences.
5. Explain the benefits of each source and how it pertains to the study topic.
6. Analyze each source’s strengths and weaknesses.
7. Describe the author’s findings or conclusions.

Our Sample Annotated Bibliography Checklist

– Three to six sentences (that last approximately 150–250 words) should make up each annotation, which ought to be one paragraph in length.
– Start with a list of references that follows the same format.
The annotation is placed as a block spanning two spaces from the left margin after every citation.
Double line spacing should be used throughout. There ought not to be a line break in between citations.
You can group your citations by topic if the list is particularly lengthy.
Strive to remain objective, and if you do express any ideas, be sure to explain them.
Substitute the third person; he, she, the writer, for the first person; for instance, I, my, me. 

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